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The award-winning navigation software now goes mobile. Introducing MioMap™ Navigation Apps, the full-featured navigator software is packed with all advanced features of a portable navigation device.
MioMap™ Navigation App
  • Works with multiple platforms
    Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Choice of Routes
    Preview different routes at a glance.
  • Split Screen
    Display upcoming turns, nearby POIs and highway information right on the map
  • Keyword Search
    Search for locations using any words you like
  • Trip Planner
    Plan and optimize multi-waypoint journeys
MioPad™ 6
  • Ultra-slim design
    Fit into everyone's hands for comfortable use on the go
  • Enhanced Navigation Experience
    Feature precise GPS positioning and the full-featured navigation software
  • Integrated Drive Recorder
    Record comprehensive visual documentation of events
  • Wireless Connectivity
    Stay connected anywhere you go
  • On-board Diagnosis Support
    Connect to the engine control unit and display vehicle information