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Featuring state-of-the-art car navigation technology, Mio's Car Navigation System ensures that all your in-car navigation needs are met and brings you the driving adventures you will never forget.
Mio Cruiser 5170
  • Choice of Routes
    Preview four different routes and choose the one that best suits your need at the time
  • Keyword Search
    Search for locations using any words you like
  • 3-D Junction Views and Lane Guidance
    Realistic junction views and lane instructions ensure that you make the right turn at the right time
  • Trip Planner
    Plan and optimize multi-waypoint journeys
  • AV-in Port
    Output video and audio to your device
Mio Spirit 697 LM
  • Lifetime Map Updates
    Receive new maps for the lifetime of your device, up to four times a year
  • Voice Entry
    Enter address by speaking it into the device, or to answer the incoming phone calls
  • IQ Routes™
    Collects real-life information from other drivers and optimises your route
  • Near Me
    Quickly access your favorite POI's
  • Built-in Traffic Information
    Gives you real-time traffic information so you'll always know what's on the road ahead.