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Why Mio Sponsor the Mio Cross team?

Mio’s brand motto is Explore More™ – Explore More™ illustrates the desire to help people to explore more™ of their environment using innovative features and functionality. The motto itself reflects the company’s involvement in researching and implementing new technologies, devices and services. Explore More™ is also a style of living; devices are designed in a way that shorten the distances between people, and places. This is the key factor that reflects Mio’s involvement in sponsoring visually impaired cyclists.

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously - Disability does not mean that people cannot live their
lives to the fullest. There are many examples of exceptional people from all over the world, showing us the
hidden potential of human beings and proving that thanks to the strength of character we can overcome many
obstacles. Mio decided to renew its support for the team of blind and visually impaired cyclists in order to make
it easier for them to make their wishes come true. This includes their greatest dream of all, taking part in the
Paralympics Games.