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Thinner and lighter devices

Mio is constantly striving to produce thinner and lighter devices, whilst increasing product performance and quality. Although this is partly because of improved manufacturing techniques and technologies, it is also a concerted effort to reduce the amount of materials that are used and therefore the amount of CO2 emissions produced during transportation.

For example, the Mio Moov 380, manufactured in 2008, is 50% thinner and 29% lighter than a Mio 269 manufactured in 2005. As a result, Mio has managed to reduce the amount shipped globally by 170 tons a year. This equates to a reduction of 545 tons of CO2e being expelled into the atmosphere for shipments to Europe, which is equivalent to the amount that 496 trees absorb.

  • 2005

  • 2008

  • Thickness
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Environmental benefits during the product lifecycle
  • Saves hundreds of tons of plastic/year
  • Reduces 545 tons of CO2e emissions /year (European shipments)
    • assumes a cargo flight produces 0.6 kgCO2/km
    • assumes 1.5 million units shipped to Europe a year
      (reduction of 102 tons/year)
    • assumes shipping from Shanghai to the Netherlands(8916 km)
  • 496 trees
    • assumes one tree can absorb 1,100 kg CO2 in its full uninterrupted lifetime