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Throughout the world, Mio is saving resources or energy in their working environments.

  • Solar heater
  • Light saving
  • E-documentation
  • Virtual servers
  • End of disposable chopsticks
  • Others

Solar heaters and water-saving controllers

By using the sun to heat water and by installing water-saving controllers on water heaters, factories in China are utilizing the benefits of the sun and reducing the amount of water flow. These heaters and controllers save 270,525 liters of diesel a year (227.24 tons) which saves a total of 730 tons of CO2e a year, the equivalent of the amount that 664 trees absorb.

  • Save 730 tons of CO2 emissions/year
    • assumes 1 liter of diesel =2.7 kg CO2e
  • 664 tree
    • assumes one tree can absorb 1,100 kg CO2 in its full uninterrupted lifetime