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Employee Engagement

In 1950, the United Nations estimated that 29% of the population lived in cities; by 2010 it will have increased to 51% and by 2050, the urban population will be 70%.

Creating better environments within urban areas has become an important topic of the 21st century and because of this the theme of Expo 2010 Shanghai China is “Better City, Better Life ”. The expo will provide a platform for participating countries and organizations to share their experiences of urban development, and discuss advanced ideas and new approaches towards environmental lifestyles and working conditions as well as putting forward thoughts on sustainable development in the cities.

Becoming greener and more environmentally friendly is a long term business strategy. At Mio, we are not only producing more environmental friendly products and initiating green activities; we’re also sponsoring events with green initiatives. As part of our corporate responsibility, we are the proud and exclusive GPS sponsor of Expo 2010 . To echo the Expo theme -"Better City, Better Life", Mio will be providing visitors with GPS devices for rental to help them navigate the Expo site and Shanghai city during the duration of the exhibition. An Extension Map for China with details of the Expo is also available for purchase for existing Mio S500 series users.